How well do you know your Yeltz? DJ’s Yeltz Yule Christmas Quiz returns for 2019, posing 12 questions for the 12 days of Christmas with the winning prize of a bottle of whisky. Many of the answers can be found within the official website & social media feeds, unofficial forum, matchday programme or by visiting the Grove.

Entries should be e-mailed to before 6th January 2020.

Alternatively, answers may be handed in to DJ (David Johnson) in the Press Box or the Club Shop at one of the home games on 21st December or 1st January. The winner and correct answers will be published as soon as possible after 11th January 2020.

​1. How many cup games have the Yeltz played this season? Answer 17 (as of 6/01/20)

2. What was assistant-manager John Snape usual shirt number in his Yeltz playing days during the mid 1990s? Answer 5

3. What unusual event happened at the Barton Rovers v Yeltz game in September? Answer After a long delay, the gam ended with just one assistant ref running the line after the match ref was injuried 


4. Which Yeltz player has won the most Tulley’s Print Man-of-the-Match awards this season (up to and including 17th  December 2019)? Answer Paul McCone (3 Times)


5.Name FOUR different sponsors of the Southern League Cup in seasons that Halesowen Town have played in that competition (half a point for two correct sponsors) Answer any four; Bill Dellow Cup 1986, Westgate Insurance 1987-90, Larchimage Windows 1990-91, Barclays Commerical Services 1991-93, Dr Martens 1993-04, Errea 2005-7, GX Cup 2008-09, Red Insure 2009-11, CSS 2018


6.Against which team did Director Keith McKenna score his only first-team Yeltz goal? Answer Crawley Town (in a 4-1 home win 1 May 1993


7.Name THREE different Fixed Wheel Brewery ales that have been on sale in the James Grove Lounge this season. Answer Chain Reaction, Blackheath Stour, Mellow Johnny, Tornado Tom, Yeltz Pale Ale, Black Cyclone.


8.What is the nickname of the most southerly team that Halesowen visit in this season’s BetVictor Southern Division One Central? Answer The Alfredians (Wantage Town is the most southern visit this season


9. What is the current seating capacity at the Grove? (answers within 20 of the correct number win a point) Answer 418 Probably only counting at the Grove will reveal this and research will most likely find a figure of 525. However, this was never updated after the first seating row was removed for safety reasons in recent years.


10. Who scored the quickest goal in any first-team game (excluding pre-season) at the Grove this season? (half a point for the player and half a point for his team) Answer Jay Rolfe for Welwyn Garden City (in the 6th minute of the game on 31/08/19)


11. What am I? I’m very, very old, so I’ve seen thousands of players come and go. I live at the Grove and I have a perfect close-up view of the pitch. I open before a game and close immediately afterwards and I’m locked during the week. I might look blue and you can see right through me, but I’m as hard as iron underneath. Answer What am I? I am the pitch from the gate leading into the players tunnel.


12. What will the attendance be at the Yeltz FA Trophy home game on 11th January 2020 against Maidenhead United? Answers within 25 of the actual attendance win a point. If the game is postponed, the attendance figure used will be 0 (zero). Answer 892


In the event of a tie, the answer to Question 12 will be used as a tiebreaker, with the closest answer deemed the quiz winner.

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