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Halesowen Town Football Club is dedicated to providing a safe online environment for its fans, sponsors and other stakeholders. Nevertheless, the club has a duty of care to all of its employees and volunteers and must protect the business from any impending charges that might occur as a result of fan behaviour (online or offline).

This document clearly outlines the conduct expected of all contributors to our social media channels:

  1. HTFC promotes healthy and honest discourse with its supporters.

  2. We expect that supporters exercise personal responsibility whenever they participate in social media discussions.

  3. Your comments, links, photos, and videos are welcome on our social feeds; however, all postings should be relevant to the channel and will be reviewed by our social media team.

  4. Illegal content such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and disability slurs are not tolerated.  

  5. The club reserve the right to edit, amend or delete any misleading, offensive, inaccurate or illegal content depicted on any official HTFC social media channel. The company also reserves the right to delete posts violating any governing body code of conduct.

  6. Comments posted by others on our social media feeds do not represent the opinions of Halesowen Town Football Club. Use of profanities on the club social media accounts is also prohibited.

  7. The club is a key member of the Football Association and Pitching in Northern Premier League, and will not allow any derogatory reference to the FA or  Pitching in Northern Premier League or its representatives to appear on the HTFC Social Media feeds.

  8. Any contributors that fall short of these expectations may have their accounts blocked without notification.

  9. The Club is not required to enter into conversations regarding its management of social media feeds. This includes, but is not limited to discussion regarding banned accounts.


In short, while creative and inventive posts are most welcome, we will remove any postings that are offensive, inappropriate, contain insults, bad language, illegal suggestions, attacks, commercial advertising, self-promotion, spam, or unwelcome solicitations.

All associated employees and volunteers at Halesowen Town Football Club will also be subject to a Social Media Policy. This can be found here.

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