Open Message on behalf of Halesowen Town FC and Stourbridge FC


 Compliments of the season to fans of Both Clubs, we are sure every Yeltz fan and Glass boy and lady are looking forward to one of the highest attended and hotly contested local derbies in non-league football, the No.9 Derby which takes place on Monday 11th February 2019  with a 7.45pm ko.


We are both proud local clubs, who both benefit from passionate support at fixtures both home and away across the country.  Many other clubs would love to have that passionate support available to them.  The vast majority of those who attend this fixture at either ground, do so in the correct manner; fully supporting their team, which makes for an absolutely fantastic atmosphere. Both Club’s wish to thank their GENUINE Supporters for the backing received each and every season.


Both Clubs however, wish to put on record their absolute disdain and utter frustration that recent fixtures have been marred by events that do not belong at any Football fixture in England. Bringing a pyrotechnic device into any arena in England, is a Criminal Offence, and we simply do not understand why any individual would choose to do so, given the potential dangers they possess; not only to other supporters within the ground, but also to the safety of ground infrastructure. 


You are NOT a genuine supporter of either Club if you decide to bring such a device into this fixture, and neither Club wishes to be associated with you.  The actions of these people in recent years, is placing the playing of this fixture before the excellent crowds we see, in serious jeopardy. There is a significant prospect of this fixture being played behind CLOSED DOORS in future, if events continue as they have done in previous seasons; neither Club wishes for this to be the case.


Because of these actions we, at extra cost, have to ‘manage’ this fixture is line with that of a Football League or Premier League fixture, for the safety and security of the genuine spectators and fans of each club.  As a result, the following steps will be in place on Monday:


  • A ZERO tolerance approach to any supporter deemed to be acting in an unsatisfactory manner; (this means immediate ejection from the Ground)

  • Random Turnstile Searches will take place upon entry to the Ground; if any supporter is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol, (or any other substance), they will be immediately ejected and no refund of the admission fee paid will be provided:

  • West Midlands Police will be in attendance at the fixture, with officers having their ‘Body Cams’ permanently switched on, filming the crowd;

  • West Midlands Police ‘Spotters’ will be on duty both inside and outside the ground;

  • Additional Security Staff will also be filming the Crowds in each stand;

  • The Security Teams in place are used to dealing with Football League Crowds; they have been informed to act as if this fixture is the same;

  • Anyone entering the field of play whilst the game is underway will be ejected from the ground and could face a banning order and/or prosecution.

  • NO BAGS/RUCKSACKS/CARRIER BAGS (with the exception of a Female Supporter’s Handbag or required Individual Medication) will be allowed into the Ground; All bags are liable to be searched upon entry;

  • No Drinks containers (bottles / cans etc) are to be brought into the ground; all drinks purchased inside the ground, will be ‘decanted’ into a ‘plastic’ glass




  • There is also NO SUPPORTER PARKING on site at all; parking is only available for players and officials of both clubs, plus Guests. Please also be respectful of local residents should you drive to the fixture; local policing teams are in support and your vehicle will be removed without warning if necessary.




We look forward to seeing you all there and we hope you enjoy the game.