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Covid - 19 Risk Assessment

Halesowen Town Football Club's Covid-19 risk assessment can be found here Risk Asssessment

To all supporters

Alongside the previously announced new measures in The Shed End we have also been informed that due to the new regulations that apply to all bars/restaurants/take- way outlets/hospitality & events etc we need to implement the following:

1. Only 38 seated individuals will be allowed in the social club at any one time, when entering and leaving the James Grove Lounge a facemask MUST be worn.
2. The social club will be table service only.
3. All food and drink in the stadium has to be ordered, paid for and served to individuals in their ‘place’ in the stadium e.g. Stourbridge Rd End.
4. Individuals need to be seated when eating and drinking.

We would ask that everyone complies with the new regulations and assists us in ensuring we retain our licence, do not fall foul of any fines and ensure that we can continue to have crowds at The Grove by keeping safe and following the COVID measures.  Your patience and cooperation would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


Karen Brookes

The Shed End Social Distancing procedures


Measures to combat COVID-19, specifically in relation to The Shed End stand at Halesowen Town FC and the perceived lack of social distancing and failure to comply with the Government ‘rule of six’:

Halesowen Town Football Club has a proud history dating back to 1873 when it was formed.  Nothing is more important than the safety and wellbeing of our supporters, players, management team, volunteers, officials and visiting opposition teams and their supporters.

We are committed to ensuring that we comply with the legislation and guidance in relation to COVID-19 to:

  • Provide a safe environment for everyone

  • Ensure Halesowen Town Football Club acts within the letter and spirit of the law

  • Demonstrate that it is possible to safely have spectators at grounds across the UK watching matches

  • The actions that we are taking, in readiness for Tuesday 6 October 2020 home match and all home matches thereafter, are as follows in The Shed End of the stadium:

  1. The stand has been marked out and will have barrier ‘pen areas’ for up to six people (who are in the same hub) - see pictures attached



  1. Each individual allocated to a pen area will be expected to wear a coloured, numbered wrist band (which will change for each home match)








  1. Entrance to The Shed End stand will be on a first come first served basis and once it is full, stewards will not allow any further admittance.  Additionally, individuals will be expected to remain in the numbered pen to which they have been allocated (except for purchasing food, drink or going to the toilet).  We will, however, be ensuring that a pen is retained each home match for the Halesowen Town FC band, recognising the contribution they make to both the atmosphere and the team performance


  1. Each pen area will be at least 1 metre away from any other pen area (back and side)


  1. A walkway of three terrace steps in between pens will mean individuals can safely walk through to the Harry Rudge Stand and that stewards will be able to monitor compliance and act where necessary


  1. Whilst the stand is clearly outside, though under cover, we encourage the wearing of a face mask (but this is not currently compulsory)


  1. We will continually review Government guidance and update these measures where required to ensure we keep everyone safe


  1. We will continue to regularly remind everyone, during the match, of the need to socially distance and to comply with the ‘rule of six’


  1. If any individuals are found to be flagrantly flouting these rules, they will be warned once, before then being asked to leave the stadium


Many thanks for supporting the Club in taking these measures seriously and complying and therefore contributing to demonstrating that spectator football can continue safely in this current environment.



Karen Brookes


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